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Venom is an explosive pre-workout formula. It has high-energy stimulants, dialed in focus enhancers, and nitric oxide boosters. Each scoop will enable you to approach workouts with a new level of intensity, power and endurance. Once you use Venom, you will never want to train without it.

Venom acts directly on the central nervous system by inhibiting the perception of fatigue and increasing the levels of energy in the body. It acts directly on increasing your nitric oxide production.

What to expect:

  • Extreme Energy 
  • Explosive Power 
  • Increases Muscle Endurance 
  • Laser Focus 
  • Increases Vasodilatation 
  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass 


Formulated to be a high-intensity energy and focus driving catalyst, Venom leaves nothing to chance, addressing every angle of optimizing your performance potential. With high-intensity energy fueled by caffeine and the novel stimulant Dynamine, and focus further driven by a synergistic combination of L-Tyrosine and Huperzine, you’ll be locked in to crush every workout.

Venom also addresses two critical components: Training endurance and blood flow. Not only are you getting a clinical dosage of beta alanine for helping to maximize your training endurance.  These two ingredients work to maximize blood flow and vasodilation and maximize endogenous nitric oxide production, meaning that not only will you get better muscle pumps, but you’ll also increase nutrient delivery to your hard-working muscles and maximize your results.

Last but not least, Venom also focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of your training sessions by the inclusion of two potent ingredients that amplify calorie burning and energy expenditure: CaloriBurn GP® and Yohimbe. These two ingredients have been shown in research to increase calorie burning, activate brown adipose tissue and increase lipolysis (fat loss), meaning you’ll be supporting a leaner, more powerful physique as well.


Assess your tolerance first by taking the small scoop with 5 oz of water 15 minutes before your workout.

If you are an advanced athlete or have a high tolerance to stimulants, you may take 1 large scoop with 12 oz of water.

Do not exceed one large scoop within a 24 hour span. To avoid sleeplessness, do not take within 4 hours of bedtime.

WARNING: HIGH CAFFEINE CONTENT If you are caffeine sensitive this isn’t for you. One small scoop contains 187.5mg of caffeine and one large scoop has 375mg.