Primal Strength v2.0 Stealth Commercial Half Rack
Primal Strength v2.0 Stealth Commercial Half Rack
Primal Strength v2.0 Stealth Commercial Half Rack
Primal Strength v2.0 Stealth Commercial Half Rack
Primal Strength v2.0 Stealth Commercial Half Rack
Primal Strength v2.0 Stealth Commercial Half Rack

Primal Strength v2.0 Stealth Commercial Half Rack

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About the Product

The New v2.0 Stealth Commercial Fitness Half Power Rack is the upgraded version of our best-selling rack.

The v2.0 version has additional thick-grip chin-up bar, two Olympic bar holders, flat-base support allowing our unique walk-through design but giving additional frame support. The new v2.0 rack has oversized base supports that can now be bolted to the floor if desired.

Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Half Power Rack sets a new standard in commercial power racks. Backed with a lifetime frame warranty and with several unique features, it is the perfect half rack for any commercial gym, sports team facility, CrossFit box, PT studio or a premium home gym.

The v2.0 Half Power Rack is designed with multiple laser-cut holes to ensure the spotter catchers or J-hooks can be set at any height. The safety spotters are set low enough to perform rack pulls. The adjustable chin attachments can also be set at multiple heights and the rack can be fully attached to other stealth racks to create a full wall of racks if desired. The half rack frame is supported by an extended base structure to ensure a 500kg maximum load capacity and security when performing a wide range of exercises. The extended base frame also allows for any bench to be fully utilised in the half rack. The frame can be bolted to the floor if desired, but has been designed to be free standing.

The wide range of chin-up options include; standard size and thick straight bars for muscle-ups and standard chin-ups, wall climbing dome attachments to improve grip strength and give the ultimate chin-up challenge, and unique to Primal Strength; the multi-grip, swivel chin-up handles. Not only do the handles fully turn 360 degrees, the frame has adjustable distance holes to select your chin-up width and each handle has three different thicknesses of grip.

The rack comes as standard with a swivel (Olympic bar size) landmine holder, 2 vertical Olympic bar holders and T-Bar row handle. These attachments allow users to perform heavy T-Bar rows, landmine shoulder presses, rotational lunges and a further wide range of core and functional movements. Thanks to 8 bullhorns mounted at the back of the frame, the half rack is also capable of storing over 30 olympic-sized bumper plates and discs, making it a perfect storage solution for gyms and studios where space is at a premium.

Our v2.0 Stealth Half Power Rack has been designed on the same platform as our Stealth Full Rack, using the same 3mm thick, 75mm by 75mm laser-cut box steel uprights. This allows you to do heavy rack pulls from the safety spotters. The spotter height starts from 50cm and the safety spotters measure 61cm in length with oversized, re-enforced, 6mm triangle frame supports and metal security pop-pins.

Available in a range of four matte finishes: green, pink, grey and black, with chrome and matte accessories, and completed with black bolts, this really is the ultimate in power racks.

The v2.0 Half Power Rack is designed to be used with any of the Primal Strength Olympic bars. The adjustable Box Bench, Monster FID Bench, Spyder 2.0 Commercial Bench and the Stealth Commercial Fitness FID Bench all fit seamlessly inside the Stealth half rack. The v2.0 Stealth Half Power Rack also supports optional Stealth Dip Attachment and is fully compatible with the Integrated Olympic Lifting Platform (both items sold separately).

Please note the barbells, discs and bumpers shown in images do not come with the half rack.


  • Industry leading commercial half rack with 500kg capacity
  • 2 additional vertical Olympic bar holders
  • Made from full commercial grade, 11 gauge/3mm thick steel with a Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Unique multi-handle, swivel, chin-up and wall-climbing dome attachments
  • Landmine row attachment with T-bar handle included
  • Premium rubber-moulded sandwich J-hooks and spotter catcher arms


Height: 230cm
Width: 194.5cm (The width between the J Hooks is 108cm)
Length: 150cm
Product Weight: 200kg
Max User Weight: 500kg
Material: Steel
Brand: Primal Strength
Warranty: Lifetime Frame, One year parts and labour